3: Connection: Refugee Response

Connection: Refugee Response


This scene shows Dan and the STA arriving at a refugee camp in Mozambique in the early 1990s. Presently there are refugee crises occurring in various parts of the world such as Syria, Venezuela, Bangladesh, and South Sudan. 

Film Engagement Activities
1. What do you notice about the STA team members’ faces in reaction to their first glimpse of the camp? What are you learning about the refugee experience from this clip? What do you notice about the children in particular? Discuss.

2. How does the STA form connections with members of the camp? When these connections are formed what can the audience learn about human connection? Discuss.

3. The filmmakers of Salam Neighbor set out to make connections with people living in a refugee camp. Watch this film to further understand the experience of refugees and the power of human connectivity.
4. Learn more about the plight of present day refugees and how you can take action.
  • VisitThe UN Refugee Agencyto learn about current refugee crises.
  • Read this article from Teen Vogue for 6 steps you can take to help Syrian refugees.
  • Learn more about the global refugee crisis and how taking small steps can truly make a difference toward improving this overwhelming issue. 
5. The clip includes a scene where a young girl brings Saba to her house in order to show Saba her drawings depicting the horrible events she has witnessed. Art can be a powerful tool for children to process and share traumatic experiences.  
Throughout history, art has conveyed what words cannot. The idea of beauty being used to express the ugliness of mankind as well as the hope and triumph of the human spirit is not new, but it is vitally important. Dan Eldon certainly tapped into this tradition in his journals. Viewing art that has been created as a result of conflict and loss can inform us in important ways. Art can serve as therapy for coping with the horrors of war and having to leave one’s country.
  • View a collection of completed murals by Syrian children and adults created as a means of dealing with the Impact of refugee life.
  • View images from the Inside-Outside project that documents the migration paths of refugee and the role of art in making their transitions.
  • Musicians are also seeking to make a difference in the lives of refugees. Learn more about Musicians without Borders.
6. Notable in this clip is the importance and power of play. Learn about and support the work of One World Play Project, which is committed to making sure all refugee children have access to play. You can support one of their existing campaigns or start one of your own. Visit Rock Your World for resources to develop your own campaign.

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