Creating Public Service Announcements

Media has the power to inform us about issues, inspire us to learn more, and incite us to take action.  In this series of lessons, students learn about the power of film to rock their worlds as they themselves write, film, and edit their own PSAs.

Initially, students are immersed in viewing numerous examples of Public Service Announcements.  From these, they develop an understanding of the genre, and how persuasive messages are crafted. Next, students develop their own PSA concept.  Teammates meet to collaborate and choose one concept from which the team will then collaboratively write, storyboard, film,  and edit their own PSA. With this in place, they are guided through the exciting processes of filming and video editing.

Note: Online computer access, video cameras, and video editing software are essential to this work.

The lessons in this segment include:

How to study Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Studying PSAs as a writer would:  looking for persuasive techniques

Brainstorming initial PSA ideas; reviewing project requirements;  planning-out individual PSA concepts

Sharing PSA concepts and developing a team concept

Writing and developing storyboards

Preproduction:  preparing for filming

Production:  filming

Post-production basics: preparing for video editing

Video editing 101:  adding text, transitions, effects, voiceovers and music

Finalizing films and writing a reflection.