Developing Campaigns

Once students become informed about an issue they care about, their typical response is, “What can we do?" This energy and passion is now harnessed, as students work together to develop a promotional campaign that raises awareness and inspires action. Once students’ ideas are shaped, they develop a campaign idea, and then create a name, logo, slogan and mission statement for their project.  It works well to have students work in groups for this purpose, although you may choose to have them work independently. 

Students’ initiation to the project begins with immersion in the study of successful campaigns and their methods of persuasion. Next, they are guided through the process of determining a focus for their campaigns and articulating that focus through a written mission statement.  With this in place, they are ready to develop a theme for their campaign, complete with a name, logo, and slogan. Students then work on writing and designing a brochure about their issue.

A ‘pitch’ is the means by which students convince a person or a group of people to support them in their cause. In this section, students learn how to prepare formal pitches to present to classmates and informal pitches to present at a Rock Your World Expo.  Ideally, groups will have access to at least one computer throughout this stage of the project, while they are writing pitches, and creating visuals and PowerPoint presentations.

Among the model campaigns available to students are those of members of the Creative Activists’ Program (CAP) of the Creative Visions Foundation.

 The lessons in this segment are:

What is a campaign?

Persuasion is everywhere: learning from successful examples

Each campaign has a clear focus: either education, fund-raising, advocacy or mobilization

Crafting an effective mission statement

Studying model campaigns

Creating a campaign theme: crafting an effective name, logo and slogan. 

Features and structures of brochures

Making a plan for your brochure

Composing your brochures

How will you pitch your campaign to others?

Creating visuals for your formal pitch

Presentation techniques

Practicing formal pitches

Evaluating a Pitch

Planning informal pitches

Creating visuals for informal pitches


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