Lesson 3: Making Films

Lesson 3

Take Action - Making Films

Brainstorming Initial
PSA Ideas


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Create a concept plan for their group’s PSA

Students have started to define the elements of a PSA, identifying what PSAs must and might include. This lesson provides them with a structure to plan out a concept to share with their team. Specifically, students will be provided with clear expectations and requirements for their PSAs. They’ll also be given time to share their initial ideas with one another. As members of collaborative campaign teams, each student will be asked to individually develop and contribute their own concepts for a PSA using a concept plan, where they will plan out what viewers will see and hear throughout their PSA.
Guiding Questions:
  • What makes a PSA compelling?
  • How can we develop a concept plan to create a compelling PSA?
Recommended Time:
90-120 minutes

Lessons design:
  • Distribute and review PSA Task Sheet and PSA Project Rubric with students.

  • In groups, students brainstorm initial ideas for persuasive techniques to use in their PSA.

  • Regroup the class, and explain that sharing ideas is essential for crafting a powerful PSA. As individual members of a group, it will be the responsibility of every student to generate ideas and share these with others.

  • Explain that students will each be creating an individual concept plan for their group’s PSA. Since their ideas are still in the ‘initial concept phase’, they should by now have a sense of how the PSA will work as a whole, but they may not have answers to every question. For example, they might know they want to include music, but not know what song. Or they might know they need a powerful statistic, but not know which one to use.

  • Share with students an example “concept plan” for a PSA. The concept plan envisions what the viewer will see and hear throughout the PSA.
Example Plan:
  • Point out that while this example plan is clear, there are still some questions unanswered. The point is to plan out ideas as clearly as possible, even if some questions remain.

  • Students work independently, developing and planning out their own concept for a PSA, creating a t-chart modeled after the example plan provided.

  • Students should be prepared to share their concept plan with their group the following day.

  • Teacher Note: A possible challenge presents itself when students create concepts that require acting. You may want to put some parameters around this, perhaps allowing students to take on roles that are realistic for them, OR you might be more comfortable discouraging acting all together.
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