Lesson 3: Writing Songs

Lesson 3

Take Action- Writing Songs

Starting to Compose Songs


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Brainstorm ideas for songs
  • Begin composing songs

This section will guide students as they begin exploring possibilities for their own songs, composing initial ideas connected to their purpose as songwriters. This section will highlight the use of the writing process to compose with a purpose and audience in mind.
Guiding Questions:
  • How can the writing process help with songwriting?
Recommended Time:
2 or more class periods

Common Core State Standards:
Copies of annotated texts and handouts from previous lessons
Lessons design:
  • Explain to students that they will be making the jump from studying songs to writing songs, starting by considering song topic and purpose.

  • At this stage, students may or may not have settled on a topic for their song, though they should select one topic to start exploring. Explain that they will begin by brainstorming ideas for songs with various purposes about their selected topics. It is possible that a student selected topic may imply only one purpose.

  • Using a topic of your own, use the organizer to model for students how you would begin brainstorming song ideas.

  • Students will work on brainstorming their own ideas for their selected topics.

  • Students share initial ideas in small groups.

  • Once students have settled on a topic and purpose, they should begin drafting their song.
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