Lesson 4: Making Films-Additional Lessons

Additional Lesson 4

Take Action - Making Films

Visual Impact in
“After The Fall”


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify the impact that cinematic choices have on them as audience members
  • Analyze how the impact was created by the filmmaker
  • Consider how they might compose their own films to create desired audience response

In this lesson, students watch segments of the film again, focusing specifically on visual choices made by the filmmakers and the impact these choices have on them as viewers.
Guiding Questions:
  • How do choices made by filmmakers about what the audience will see on the screen create an impact?
  • How might we use visuals to create an impact on our audience when composing our films?
Recommended Time:
45-90 minutes

Common Core State Standards:
Technology Required:
DVD Player or computer to play film OR computer with Internet access to stream film.
Television, SmartBoard or projection equipment.
Lessons design:
  • Filmmakers make many choices when editing their films. Explain to students that they will watch segments of the film “After the Fall” again, focusing on how filmmakers use visuals to best achieve a desired impact on the audience.

  • Review with students the Considering Visual Impact in “After the Fall” handout. Students should document the impact they feel each of the segments has.

  • You may choose to screen the whole film again, or have students only see the segments identified. Stop after each segment, allowing time for students to write their responses and share.

  • After screening and discussing each segment, provide students with time to collect and share ideas for creating visual impact in their own films.
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