Lesson 5: Becoming Informed

Lesson 5

Get Started - Becoming Informed

Using Google Effectively


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Initiate more effective uses of Google as a research tool

This lesson provides students with tools and strategies to use Google effectively in their research.
Guiding Questions:
• How can I make my Google search more effective?
Recommended Time:
45 – 120 minutes * Depending on how sophisticated your students’ use of Google already is and the time you have available, you can break this lesson up in a number of ways. You may go over all the tips in one class or break them up as you see fit.

Lessons design:
  • Distribute and go over Expanding Google Search handout.

  • Consider modeling how using these changes impacts a Google search.

  • Students continue researching their selected issues, using the tips from the handout to refine their searches.
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