Lesson 5: Creating Campaigns

Lesson 5

Take Action - Creating Campaigns

Studying Model Campaigns


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify and learn from the successful actions of campaign mentors
  • Generate ideas for their own campaign
  • Design concepts for a campaign

We often learn best from studying the success of others. This lessons guides students through that very process.
Guiding Questions:
  • What can we learn from studying campaign mentors?
  • How does an interconnected theme impact a campaign?
  • How do we design an effective campaign?
Recommended Time:
45 minutes

Lessons design:
  • Explain to students they will be viewing and analyzing an effective campaign model to help prepare them to develop their own campaigns.

  • Instruct students to look for meaningful connections between the basic elements of a campaign theme: the name, the slogan, the logo and the purpose of the campaign itself. They should pay attention to how each of these elements are connected and how multiple meanings evolve over the course of the campaign.

  • Show the video for Invisible Children’s TRI campaign twice.

  • During class discussion, chart all the features that students notice about the campaign and what makes it so effective.
This list might include:
1) Play on the words ‘TRY’ and ‘TRI’.
2) TRI – means 3 – and there are many 3s in the campaign: 3 dollars, change 3 things…
3) Logo is a visual play – peace sign upside down
  • Students view additional examples of effective campaigns that make meaningful connections. They may also work with their groups to generate ideas for their campaign.
Rock Your World is a program of Creative Visions
Rock Your World is a Program of Creative Visions, a 501(c) (3) organization that supports creative activists - individuals who use the power of media and arts to create positive change in the world.
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