Lesson 6: Becoming Informed

Lesson 6

Get Started - Becoming Informed

Questioning the Facts


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Challenge an author’s use of facts in a text

This lesson encourages students to question the authority of a text.
Guiding Questions:
  • How can facts be used to support opinions?
  • How can I be a critical reader of facts in various sources?
Recommended Time:
45 minutes

Common Core State Standards:
Print based resources
Technology Required:
Computers with Internet access and/or print based resources
Lessons design:
  • Distribute and go over the Question the Facts handout.

  • Using an article you select, and the question prompts from the handout, model creating a t-chart with Facts and Questions.

  • Students continue their research, creating their own t-charts using articles from their own research.

  • Students share what they discovered with the class.
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