4: The Sky’s the Limit

The Sky’s 
the Limit


In this scene Dan and Rich talk about future plans and the paths they might take following the STA trip.

Film Engagement Activities
1. What if you were completely free to pursue your passions--these can be long term dreams or goals or something that you want address right away. Describe your passions in a way that makes sense to you. 

Reflect in writing or sketches what your ‘sky without limits’ might look like. Can school somehow contribute to you reaching these goals? Why or why not? How? 

2. Maybe Dan was able to form a plan to be true to his passions because he knew himself so well. And, maybe he learned the most about himself--his views of the world, of other cultures, of people in need, of the power of photography and art, of the power of youth -- because he often journaled and reflected on his surroundings. Of course, he grew up without Nintendo and cell phones and the many wonderful but also wonderfully distracting electronics many of us now have.

What would happen if you spent 15-30 minutes a day reflecting about yourself, your experiences, the world and your place in it? 

Try it now. (journal, draw, write songs, poems, sketch, collage) 

3. Do you have a passion? Drawing? Acting? Writing? Dancing? Playing sports? Sometimes journaling and writing our thoughts and ideas about our lives helps us to identify passions or goals we hadn’t really noticed before. These activities can also help us to strengthen our desire to be true to our goals and passions and to articulate our personal mission statements in life. 

  • Write a letter to yourself about why your should pursue your passions and explore if there are ways that your interests can be applied to creating greater change in the world.
  • Do you believe that everyone is able to pursue their dreams? Should everyone have the right to do so? Write a speech or create a poem or song defending the rights of all human beings to be true to themselves. 
Visit http://www.rock-your-world.org/what-are-human-rights to learn more about human rights.

4. Does your sky have limits? If so what are they? What would it be like if you could pursue your ideal life and what/where would your ideal stopping-point be? What steps and/or obstacles might chart your journey?

  • For example, for Dan, staying on safari was his idea. However, Saba wanted to go to university and his friend Len Gai stated that he would like to go to university before pursuing other passions. It was important for Dan to understand that the limitations he faced weren’t necessarily the same obstacles his friends faced. Learning to value others’ limitations under a shared sky can lead to more meaningful friendships.

5. Have you ever noticed someone in need of encouragement to pursue something that interested them? Sometimes we can find courage for ourselves when we at first help others to discover their own. Write a letter to a friend or family member encouraging him or her to pursue a dream. 

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Rock Your World is a Program of Creative Visions, a 501(c) (3) organization that supports creative activists - individuals who use the power of media and arts to create positive change in the world.
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