A guide for clubs, camps, advisory, 
leadership and enrichment groups

The Rock Your World curriculum featured elsewhere on this site supports human rights education, with a focus on children’s rights, and social action advocacy. As a simpler and less academic alternative, this Rock Your World Toolkit is offered for use in informal settings such as clubs, advisory and enrichment groups.

How to Use This Toolkit

The Rock Your World Social Action Toolkit includes a collection of activities and resources designed to engage young people in taking informed action about issues that matter to them. The Toolkit offerings can be used in consecutive order or flexibly, according your group’s interests and needs.
So why not find a starting point that works best for you and get started?

Rock Your World Social Action Toolkit
Rock Your World is a Program of Creative Visions, a 501(c) (3) organization that supports creative activists - individuals who use the power of media and arts to create positive change in the world.
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