• Rock Your World is an innovative,
    media-based curriculum

    that inspires students to take positive
    action toward issues they care about

  • Flexible, free, and fully aligned
    with Common Core Standards,
    Rock Your World is a proven success

  • Students become change-makers
    as they create media-based campaigns
    to raise awareness and advocate for change

The Challenge

Teachers are eager to make classroom curriculum more relevant and engaging. You want to ensure that students acquire the 21st century skills needed for success in today's globalized society. At the same time, you are responsible for preparing students for mandated standardized tests. This can detract from unique learning experiences that empower students to use their ideas and creativity.

Rock Your World’s got you covered!

The Solution
Rock Your World

Take Action

What creative outlet will your students use to take a stance on their chosen issue?

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  • “Rock Your World opened my eyes to some of the issues in the world that don’t get the attention they deserve. It made me respect those who are taking action to support those issues and speaking up for people who are not always given a voice.”

  • “My RYW project was a great way for me to learn how one can actually start a movement on their own or support a cause.”

  • “Through Rock Your World I learned is that one person can make a huge difference, though it also takes teamwork to spread awareness about an issue or to start social action campaign.”

  • “Rock Your World is important because it allowed us to learn about problems that are happening today. If awareness is spread about today’s issues, more people can help with solving the problems, making them easier to solve.”

  • “I enjoyed my RYW project because I love learning about real things happening in the world. I often get caught up in the life I live and learning about other kids’ lives reminds me to be grateful for what I have. ”

  • “Something very special that I learned was that all of these issues can be solved: one person just needs to take a stand. The one person will turn into millions, helping the world. The one person could be anyone. It could be me. Whenever I get an opportunity, I need to take it. ”

  • “Working in campaign groups allowed me to see how a bunch of different people can all come together and work to make a difference in something that they are all passionate about.”

  • “I learned how to really know about an issue and how to project my thoughts about that issue to others less informed.”

The Inspiration Behind RYW

“I want to do great things in my life. I want the plane to land, so I can start. The only problem is where do I start? What do I do when I get off the plane to do great things?”
– Dan Eldon (1970-1993) -

Rock Your World is inspired by the actions of Dan Eldon, the first creative activist. Dan’s actions were creative and inspiring, but his legacy and lasting impact help us understand what he seemed to already know: that action alone was never going to be enough — yes, positive creative action changes the world around us for the better, but hearts compelled to act creatively are radical instruments for fundamentally evolving the nature of who we are and what world we’re creating. Rock Your World aims to inspire your students in the same way the world inpsired Dan to take action to help others.

Dan’s inspirational story is now being made into a full length feature film - The Journey Is The Desination. Shot in summer 2016 on loaction in South Africa and due for theatrical realease late 2017,The Journey Is The Destination while helpbring the story alive.

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